Feature film · 93 min · Website

A group of friends gets together for a long-overdue reunion in the high desert of California. Shayar, the only single in their midst, has organized an unforgettable experience for all of them.

Shayar has been lonely and depressed for the past year, feeling that all of his closest friends have been drifting away from him, focused on their own lives and relationships.

He hopes the group’s collective experience here will clear certain blockages that are present, and rekindle the camaraderie they used to share…


Short film · 28 min

The late 1960s, heyday of the Soviet space program. A Soyuz capsule carrying two cosmonauts violently reenters the atmosphere, landing far off-course in the frozen steppes of Mongolia.


One of the men sets off in the midst of a snowstorm, searching for rescue. But this is no ordinary place, and no ordinary night, and the dawn is still very far away. Nominated for a Student Academy Award.



Short film · 21 min

A virus has wiped out most of the world’s population. Europe is under United Nations quarantine and survivors live in small groups in ghost cities across the continent. The story of two friends, and the girl who came between them. Nominated, Best Short Film, Polish Film Awards.